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Coping with Insect Bites and Stings

Insect bites and stings may be common, but they are a definite nuisance. Bites and stings typically cause pain, inflammation, itching, and sometimes even allergic reactions. In some cases, a severe reaction can result in nausea, fever, difficulty breathing, hives, increased heart rate, and the swelling of the throat. Anyone experiencing a severe reaction to [...]

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Winged Terror: The Mosquito Menace

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), mosquitoes kill more than one million people around the world every year. For humans, there is no deadlier animal to contend with than the loathsome mosquito. A plague for people everywhere (except Antarctica), mosquitoes are known to carry deadly parasites that cause illnesses like malaria, encephalitis, dengue fever, [...]

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Beetles by the Boatload

Many of you have probably noticed that the San Antonio beetle population is booming. As warm temperatures abound, beetles are more active. While some beetles can cause serious harm to plants and trees, others may simply be a nuisance to people, but not actually harmful. Let’s explore a few different types of beetles found in [...]

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Summer Lawncare

Whether you are growing peppers, zinnias, or grass, soil is the foundation for a healthy plant. There are a variety of nutrients found in soil that are necessary for plant growth. When nutrients become imbalanced, plants might become discolored, growth can be stunted, or fruits and vegetables might misshape. In order to provide the best [...]

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Summer Maintenance for Athletic Fields

Summer is coming, which means water sports, barbeques, shorter days – and potential problems for sports fields while school is out. The increasing heat will cause problems for athletic fields, and regular maintenance is required to keep turf or grass healthy in the off season. Irrigation and Watering Why do so many fields become rock [...]

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Weeds are No Problem for Customers of Bob Jenkins

If a weed grows in the forest, but no one is around to see it; is it still a weed? The answer is a surprising, no! Undesirable plants found in fields, gardens, lawns, and parks are recognized as weeds, but outside of these environments, they are simply considered vegetation. For the people of San Antonio, [...]

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Summer in San Antonio

We all survived the long winter that plagued San Antonio for so many months. Now it is time to enjoy spring in all of its wonder. The sun is shining, birds are chirping, and the kids are out of school - it's time for summer. But with the celebration of summer also comes uninvited guests, [...]

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Just Below the Surface: June Bugs and Grub Worms

Have you noticed brown patches on your lawn, or have your plants and flowers died? Does the lawn feel spongy, or do leaves appear droopy? It might be grub worms! What are Grub Worms? Grub worms are the larvae of June beetles, otherwise known as June Bugs. These common lawn pests are approximately ½ inch [...]

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Summer Weed Control in San Antonio

With the end of winter in sight, weeds are making a comeback in San Antonio, and so is the resulting need for weed control. Weeds make a yard look less attractive, and they can start to choke out the plants that you want to keep around. They also have a tendency to spread quickly and [...]

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