Keeping Your Family Safe and the Pests Out

San Antonio has its fair amount of pests, and they will often be found inhabiting both yards and homes. If you find yourself with a pest problem, then don’t hesitate to call your local San Antonio pest control service. They can help you to deal with both indoor and outdoor pests.
Using a professional San Antonio lawn care service is the only way to ensure that the problem is handled safely, for the sake of your family and pets. While customers often wonder if pest control is safe for pets and children, you can rest assured that safety is our first concern. As long as the necessary precautions are taken, then you don’t need to worry about pest control negatively impacting you or your family. Lawn Care San Antonio

Keeping your Children Safe

When it comes to pest control, a lot of people worry that it could be harmful to their kids. It is often the case that the pests pose more of a risk to the health and safety of you and your family than the majority of treatments. If an infestation is left too long, the pests will grow in numbers and could begin to spread disease and illness around your home. They can also cause a lot of damage, which will cost a great deal of money to repair. If you just take the correct precautions, your kids will be fine, so don’t hesitate to call in an exterminator if your home has a pest infestation.
If you have hired a professional exterminator, they will know exactly what they are doing. They will be very careful and direct with where they are applying any treatments and will advise you of all the precautions you need to take before and after. Before you receive the pest control service, you may have to prepare a few things in your home before the exterminator arrives. You will often be asked to remove items from cupboards, shelves, pantries and from underneath sinks. You may also be asked to pull furniture and other objects away from the safety - Pest Control San Antonio
They will fully advise you on the steps you need to take once the work is complete. Most insecticides dry within 30 minutes after they have been applied, but it is advised that you, your kids, and your pets don’t enter the treated room for around 2-3 hours to ensure that there are no harmful chemicals left.

Keeping your Pets Safe

When pests invade your home, you will want to sort out the extermination as quickly as possible, which means people often forget to tell the exterminator that they have pets. If you are going to schedule an appointment, remember to mention to your exterminator that you have pets that need to be taken into consideration.
Most pest control treatments are safe, but it’s still best to talk to your exterminator about where your pets should be during the extermination and about any precautions you may need to take after they leave.

Containing your Pets:

Pets such as cats and dogs can become very curious when there is a commotion going on within your home – a new person, new sounds, new smells. They will often sniff around or even lick things to accustom themselves with these new objects. This means they can come very close to potentially dangerous materials the exterminator will use during the pest control service.
To avoid this, put your four-legged friends into a cage, a kennel, or a pet carrier. If you don’t own one of these, you could also shut them away into a room that is not being serviced but make sure they can’t escape.

Birds, Fish, Rodents, and Reptiles:

If you are having a pest control treatment to exterminate bed bugs or fleas and you own birds, fish, rodents, or reptiles, they may require an extra little bit of preparation in advance of the service. Remove them from the room that is being treated, then use a blanket or towel to cover their tank or cage.
This will prevent any airborne mist, droplets, or overspray from getting into their little home. If the tank or cage is too big or heavy to move, try and transfer them into a smaller one for the time being. The room that has been treated should not be entered for a certain amount of time, but your exterminator will inform you of how long. If you have left a larger tank or cage in the room, once the required time is over, it would be a good idea to give it a thorough cleanout before placing your pets back in.