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Bob Jenkins Pest & Lawn Services specializes in the complete and permanent removal of rats and mice from your home or office. Many pest control companies will simply spread poison around your home on a quarterly basis. We have the tools and knowledge to solve the problem permanently.

Some exterminators only want to sign you for a quarterly or monthly contract that never expires. An exterminator comes out quarterly to spread poison packets in your attic or in poison stations around your home. This merely kills a percentage of rodents that eventually die in your attic or walls causing an odor problem. New rodents will replace the old ones if the source of the problem is not identified and solved. We’ll identify and remedy the entry point for rats and rodents and then we’ll trap and remove all of the remaining rodents inside your home and you’ll never have a rodent problem again.

Rodent Control

Rodents are known to spread over 35 diseases through direct contact or indirect contact with humans. Disease can be spread directly to a human by bites, contact with rodent feces, urine or saliva. Indirect diseases can be spread by ticks, fleas or mites that come into contact with rodents. Rodents can also cause electrical fires by gnawing through electrical insulation and junction boxes. Rats need to keep their teeth sharp, so they tend to chew on hard plastics which are commonly used for electrical connections inside your home. There are two common types of rodents that will invade our home: The brown rat and the black rat (also known as the roof rat). Most rodent invasions happen during the winter months when they are seeking a warmer environment, but they can enter a home all year round.

Rodent control is based on three main areas. The first step is to remove the existing rodents by baiting. Baiting is typically done in the form of live trapping or death traps such as the common mouse trap. Next it’s important to remove entry points from your home. This will help prevent the next invasion. Sanitation is the final step. Removing the source of ready food and water will reduce the rodents desire to enter your home. Food and trash should be kept in a tightly sealed container. Dog and cat food should be stored in plastic containers with a tight seal and never left out over night.

Bob Jenkins Pest & Lawn Services will help with all three areas of rodent control. We will rid you home of any existing rats, mice or rodents and then we will help pinpoint areas in your home that could be used as an entry point and finally, we will provide information on how to remove the food and water sources that might be attracting these rodents into your home.

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