Blood Sucking Insects and Bugs

Blood sucking insects are a bane on humans. They are our tormentors and most can transmit diseases. That tiny little mosquito is actually the most dangerous creature on the planet. They are responsible for over a million deaths per year. Mostly from spreading Malaria, but thankfully, the US has almost eradicated that disease here, so we just have to endure those tiny, itching little welts they leave on us after they have a cool refreshing drink of our blood. It’s actually only the Female mosquitoes that are after our blood. They utilize the protein in our blood to feed their young. But these are not the only tiny creatures out for our blood. Fleas, ticks, bed bugs and flies all want a little taste.

It is estimated there are over 10 million species of insects and of those, only about 14,000 feed on blood. Even fewer will actually feed on human blood. But those few human blood suckers are some of more prolific insects on the planet. Or at least it seems like that if you live in Texas. For some reason, Texas seems to have our unfair share of mosquitoes, flies, fleas and ticks.

There are so many of these tiny little blood suckers that it is impossible to eradicate them from our planet, but at least we can get rid of most of them from our home. Most bug sprays we use to put on our bodies are only good for about 90 minutes, so we still have to endure them when we leave the sanctity of our homes, but with the help of a professional exterminator, we can at least make them scarce around and in our home.

Professional Exterminators

The experts at Bob Jenkins Pest & Lawn Services can help protect your blood from these blood sucking pests. We have outside automatic misting systems that will provide protection against blood sucking pests and other insects and a regular pest control application inside your home can help ward off, those fleas, ticks, flies and bed bugs. When you have reached your limit of blood donations to the insect community, call Bob Jenkins Pest & Lawn Services. We don’t carry wooden stakes and holy water, but we do have the expertize to rid your home of those blood sucking vampires.

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Mosquitoes are the most common blood suckers and can carry deadly diseases.


These blood suckers attack our pets, but humans can quickly become a food source.


Bed Bugs are one of the worst insects to invade our home. It invades our beds and our psyche.


These blood suckers are typically after our pets, but they can soon turn to a larger blood source..

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