Summer Pest Control For Common Pests

Summer has hit San Antonio so let’s stop hiding away inside and start spending some luxury time outside in the sunshine. However, summer doesn’t just bring people outside, but it also brings out all the pests. Although the sun is shining and the days are long and warm, some of these pests want to hide away by making their nest in your home. There is a range of pests that come along with summer, including roaches, spiders, ants, rodents, mice, rats, scorpions, and more. scopion

If your home in the beginning to get invaded by pests, then you need to think about safeguarding it before more can enter. It’s not just your home these pests like to infiltrate, though; it’s also your yard. San Antonio lawn care services can help to prevent and control pests in your garden. There are many DIY ways of keeping pests away from your home but in some cases, it’s best to call in a San Antonio pest control.

Common Pests

Some pests are more common than others, below is a list of some of the pests and tips on how you can prevent or control them. It’s important to look out for signs of pests as catching an invasion early on can stop them from spreading throughout your entire home.

Stink Bugs – These brown bugs may not look like they could do much harm, but they are in fact an invasive species of insect. The name stink bug has been given to them due to a strong smell they give off when they are agitated or when they have been crushed. These pesky little bugs are attracted by the odor of other stink bugs so if you have any in or around your home, eradicating them will prevent more from coming in.

To stop these bugs from getting into your home, you can find any gaps or openings that the bugs could use as access to your home then seal these off. The most common ways that they will enter your home are around windows, door trims, crack under baseboards, ceiling lights, and exhaust fans. Check these areas first, and then seal off any other areas that you feel appropriate. Any crack or gaps that you seal up will prevent some pests from gaining access to your home.

If you already have some stink bugs in your home, you can use the vacuum to remove any dead or alive ones. Leaving dead stink bugs around is like offering other pests a welcome feast. Spraying an insecticide outside of your home can help slightly to prevent them from entering your home, but it can also kill other insects, such as bees.

Bed Bugs – Bed bugs are one of the harder pests to get rid of. They’re a huge nuisance and can be found nationwide. They are minuscule in size so the naked eye may not even be able to see them. Bed bugs are so small and flat, they can hide in some of the smallest of cracks although you may not be able to see them, you will certainly know if you have them. They are attracted to the warmth of your body and also to carbon dioxide.

They bite any of your exposed skin and then drink your blood to survive. To find out if you have them, look for itchy bumps or skin rashes. They may also leave behind black spots of feces and discarded shells. If you have a large infestation you may be able to smell a musty scent as when disturbed; the adult bed bugs release this odor. Bed bugs are best left to a professional pest control service, as they’ll have more knowledge and experience in dealing with these pests.

Odorous House Ants – As one of the most common pests, they can have large colonies with around 2,000 – 10,000 individual ants. Going off those figures, it’s quite obvious that these ants can be a huge problem if they were to invade your home. When they are crushed, they release a very pungent odor, which is where they get their name from.

Due to this smell, you will want to exterminate them without having to expel their odor. Odorous house ants are highly resistant to pesticides so they must be controlled with baits and non-repellents. To help with reducing their numbers, make sure to vacuum daily and keep surfaces (especially in the kitchen) clean, so they are not attracted to them. Pest control is probably your best solution if you want the ants eradicated efficiently and quickly.

Carpenter Ants – This ant is not only one of the largest species, but it’s also the most destructive when in your home. They are often found in colonies up in trees, but they are also known to infiltrate homes located nearby. You need to try and reduce the access points for them as much as possible. You can either do it yourself or use San Antonio Lawn Care Services to cut back trees and shrubbery and remove stumps and roots. Ants

To completely destroy Carpenter ants, their colony needs to be found and then disposed of. You can bait carpenter ants to find out where their colony is but if you use a pest control team, they will be able to perform this a lot faster for you due to having the experience.
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