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They don’t bite! They don’t sting! But there is no other pest that can cause the same reaction in someone as does the common household roach. The dreaded cockroach. If you see one roach, there are almost certainly going to be more. Some people claim that for every one roach you see there are a hundred more you don’t see. Some species of roaches only mate one time during their lifetime, but will remain pregnant for the rest of their life and continually drop little baby roaches all over your home. At Bob Jenkins Pest & Lawn Services, we strive to make that life span as short as possible.

A cockroach can invade any home – even yours! Your home offers the perfect home for the cockroach: Food, water, shelter and plenty of hiding places where they can raise a big happy family. We offer them so many ways to get in our homes. Cockroaches are one of the toughest pests to handle on your own. They lay thousands of eggs at a time and there are so many hiding places – and some not so obvious.  Without professional know-how, specialized equipment, and advanced materials, the cockroaches have the distinct advantage.  Let Bob Jenkins Pest & Lawn Services exterminate your roach problem today!

Roaches tend to be nocturnal creatures that like dark spaces. They are generally found in food storage areas or areas prone to collecting food droppings. Some are found in damp areas such as pipes, between walls, basements, behind things like pictures hanging on walls, under furniture or even in furniture, wall moldings, appliance motors, and electrical switches. Just about anywhere is a good hiding place for a roach. And there are plenty of ways for the roach to enter your home. They come through drainage pipes, conduits, under doors, and cracks or crevices, grocery bags, second hand appliances or any item you bring into your home. Some roaches can even fly. But the worst part about a cockroach is their ability to breed. They are prolific little buggers and their population can explode almost overnight.

Cockroach Control

Cockroach control is a tricky business as there are two main types of roaches (the American and the German) and each requires a different roach control technique. Roaches are a threat to our health and home environment. They contaminate our food and food surfaces by transferring disease pathogens, such as the various bacteria that can produce “food poisoning” in humans. Their biggest health concern is their ability to trigger asthma. Cockroach periodically shed their “skin” (the exoskeleton). These tiny fragments of their exoskeletons and cockroach feces throughout our home serve as antigens (foreign protein) that, when inhaled, cause allergic and asthmatic reactions.

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