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It is never fun to run into a spider web and then have to try and clean that web from your face. Even worse is running into the spider that made the web, especially the notorious black widow. There are over 35,000 described species of spiders worldwide, with about 3,000 occurring in North America. Many species of spiders are household pests. Wherever their food is available, spiders are likely to be found. All spiders are predators, feeding mainly on insects and other small arthropods. All spiders fall into the phylum Arthropoda and in the class Arachnida or Arachnids. All Arachnids have 8 creepy legs. Arachnids are also differentiated from insects because thankfully, they don’t have wings. They also don’t have antennae.

As insect control goes, spiders are some of the best exterminators because they are carnivorous. They feed on pre-digested insects or other small animals. Unfortunately spiders bite thousands of people every year, and very few people like having spiders around their home. Bob Jenkins Pest & Lawn Services can exterminate those pesky spiders including black widows, brown recluse, wolf spiders and many other species of spiders that may inhabit the inside or outside of your home. Another down side to having spiders in your home is that they are one of the favorite foods of scorpions. Having spiders in your home will often entice scorpions into your home.

We’ve all heard the myth about swallowing spiders in our sleep, but we can assure you that is simply not true. In order to swallow a spider in your sleep, a number of things would all have to occur in sequence. You’d have to be sleeping with your mouth very wide open. Your lips and tongue are highly-sensitive, so the spider would have to get in your mouth by descending from the ceiling and avoiding your lips and tongue and then you would have to swallow. This would have to be a chain of unlikely coincidences.  But most of all, a spider sees you as a predator, so they are not going to voluntarily approach your mouth, so rest assured – you are not swallowing spiders in your sleep.

Although spiders are often unpopular, the venom of most species is not very toxic to humans, usually resulting in no more than a slight swelling, inflammation, or itching sensation. Most spiders fangs are too small or weak to puncture human skin. Spiders usually will not attempt to bite unless accidentally trapped against the skin or grasped, although some species actively guard their egg sacs or young.

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Most people just don’t like those creepy little eight legged creatures, so let the professional pest control experts at Bob Jenkins Pest & Lawn Services take care of your San Antonio spider control problems. We have over three decades of experience with spider control in San Antonio.

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