Carpenter Ants and the Places They Hide

Carpenter ants have become more common than most people realize. Due to climate change and other variable factors, carpenter ants have started to be seen across many residential areas around the globe. The U.S. is particularly impacted across the southern portion of the country. This in effect causes a lot of distress among many households across these states as they are anxiously looking for carpenter ant treatments that are affordable and effective.

Normally, you would only expect to find carpenter ants in the wild. The most common place would be in a moist area full of trees and other plant life. Carpenter ants are known to build their colonies in trees by eating their way through to the center. As more people in the United States of America have also started to grow a lot of trees and plants in their backyards, it has become quite common for many homes to find themselves infested with carpenter ants.

Carpenter ants are known to be good migrators. They are known to be able to travel the size of a football field just to look for food. If your household is affected by carpenter ants, the likelihood is that they have come from a nearby area; most probably your backyard.

There are many ways by which you can detect whether or not your household is affected by carpenter ants. The best way to detect them is by visibly seeing them. Carpenter ants are known to be a quarter of an inch in size. They are much larger than your average ants and are known to have a dark black color, making them visible from quite a distance. One of the things about carpenter ants is that you will not be able to see them during the day.

Carpenter ants are only known to work at night, which is why they are hardly ever noticed. If your house is infested by carpenter ants, it is common to hear noises during the late hours of the night. Other ways of detecting whether or not your house is infested by them are by looking for webbings and small insect particles such as food near wooden areas.

The kitchen is also another great place to spot carpenter ants. They are known to feed on leftover foods that may be found lying around on the floor. Many of them are known to come and collect food from the kitchen floor, shelves, and even near the trash can area.

Another way of detecting carpenter ants is by looking for sawdust near wooden furniture. This is another common feature as carpenter ants are known to eat their way through to make a place to stay for their colony. One can use many different carpenter ant treatments to get rid of such ants effectively. The process, however, is known to take quite some time though.