Lawn Care Tips for Weed Control

Weeds are a common occurrence in many San Antonio gardens, which is a nightmare for anyone who takes pride in their yard. Unfortunately, weeds love to make their home in people’s lawns, so no matter how much work you put into your garden they are almost inevitable. They can grow and spread very fast; you can quickly go from having a few weeds to being overwhelmed by them. lawn care san antonio

Luckily, there are several weed control methods to prevent weeds from inhabiting your lawn, some you can do yourself while others are best left to the professionals. If you are experiencing particularly bad weed control issues, then call in your local San Antonio lawn care service to help with your yard’s weed problem. We can help you to get rid of the problem quickly and efficiently.

Types of weeds

Not all weeds can be gotten rid of in the same way. Find out what type of weeds you have and what method is best used to get rid of these specific kinds.
Common weeds include:

● Dandelion
● Crabgrass
● Ground ivy
● White clover
● Spotted spurge
● Quackgrass
● Yellow woodsorrel
● Yellow nutsedge

Lawn weeds are split up into different categories; grass-like plants, broadleaf plants, and unwanted grasses. These weeds are then either considered perennials or annuals. Annuals life cycle is only one season, and they then reproduce from seeds. Perennials can live for several years, spread by seed and also underground.
If you aren’t sure how to determine which weeds have attacked your yard, then call in a professional. Professional lawn care services will be able to quickly identify the weeds and either give you advice for getting rid of them or take action and do it for you.

Crowd out the weeds

Weeds will take root wherever they can, then settle to catch some rays of sunshine. If your grass if healthy, then the weeds will find it a lot more challenging to grow. To prevent weeds, make sure you care for your lawn:


You need to find the right balance when fertilizing your lawn. Too much fertilizer can feed the weeds and help them grow. Too little fertilizer could make your lawn sparse and unhealthy, meaning paradise for the weeds. Make sure to read the information on the fertilizer you are using; there should be advice and guidelines to how much fertilizer is needed.

Water your lawn

If you water your lawn frequently and lightly, it can cause shallow roots, which results in unhealthy grass and also the perfect place for certain types of weeds to thrive. Water your lawn occasionally and deeply to prevent shallow roots and weeds.

Mow your lawn

When you mow your lawn too low it can cause the turf to weaken, and it can also let more sunlight reach the soil; this can help different lawn weeds to grow. Mow your lawn higher to prevent this; the highest level for most lawn types is between 2 – 4 inches.

Look out for signs
Weeds can sometimes be an indication that there is a problem in your soil. For example, if the surface of soil remains damp, ground ivy will often be found as this is where it grows best. Try to let more light reach the earth by cutting back trees and other plants that cause a lot of shadow on your lawn.

Hand weeding

If you have a small lawn, hand weeding is still a very effective way of getting rid of weeds. Make sure to pull them while they are young, as this is the best way to prevent the weeds from spreading. For perennial weeds it is essential that you catch them early, if they have matured, they can be a lot harder to remove due to their deep roots. If there are any root pieces remaining in the ground, a new weed will grow, so make sure to remove all of it.

Use tools, for example, a lawn trowel or dandelion digger, to help uproot the weeds. Hand weeding is a lot easier to do when the soil is damp. Use compost to fill in the hole where the weed has been pulled then put down some lawn seed in that area.


If your lawn is overrun with weeds and you have tried everything to get rid of them, using herbicides might be your only answer. Herbicides should only be used as a last resort. Make sure to use them correctly as they can be dangerous to other plants in your garden and also kill the lawn.
You could always call in a professional San Antonio pest control service to do this job as they will have a lot more experience with weeds and know how to use the herbicides safely and correctly.
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