The first concern of an athletic coach is always going to be the team – their well-being and their chances of winning. The next concern is going to be the maintenance of the field the team plays on. Bob Jenkins Pest and Lawn Services in San Antonio knows that the two are more connected than first meets the eye.

Everything from the way a ball rolls to the way a player runs is determined by the turf of a sports field. With proper sports field maintenance, coaches, players, and families can be assured that fun and sportsmanship will be the greatest concerns of any athletic game. All the preparation – the exercise and training – that players undergo before they hit the field for a game is made much more effective if their field has received the proper care from sports field maintenance professionals.

After a grueling season of football, John Paul Stevens High School called upon Jenkins Services to repair their field. As anyone that has ever seen a football after a season of football, the area between the hash marks is the most used area on the field. This is called the crown of the field and is a very important area of play. 

field-maintenance-finalWith just 4 weeks before practice started for the next season, Stevens High School called in the Sports Field Maintenance experts – Bob Jenkins Pest and Lawn Services. The first thing Jenkins Services did was strip the crown of the field down and then level and grade the field for irrigation. Next, we laid new sod and provided the proper nutrient and fertilizer for the entire field. The football field was ready on time and all the players and especially the coach were very pleased with their new field.

We at Bob Jenkins Pest and Lawn Services provide year-round sports field maintenance to meet all sporting needs. Our professionals are happy to provide well-lined playing fields and expertly maintained turf. Our goal is to make the whole process hassle-free while providing an esthetically pleasing and healthy sports field. Aside from keeping weeds and pests at bay, our lawn care experts will maintain the turf so that it remains the most ideal length for sports. Bob Jenkins Pest Control and Lawn Care is happy to be family-owned and operated in San Antonio since 1987.

Additionally, we use only the safest all-natural products to maintain San Antonio sports fields. We want your fields to be as safe as possible for your loved ones, just as we would if our own family members were going to be running, falling, sliding, and tackling on them. At Bob Jenkins Pest and Lawn Services, safety is our first concern. We strive to always provide quality maintenance for your sports field.

In addition to safety, our team at Bob Jenkins Pest and Lawn Services is also fully dedicated to exemplary customer service. Customer testimonials extol the virtues of our office and outdoor representatives, declaring them to be courteous and always willing to go the extra mile to make sure everyone is satisfied with our services.

The turf care experts at Bob Jenkins are experts at caring for turf of all kinds, especially sports fields, and we guarantee complete satisfaction.