With the end of winter in sight, weeds are making a comeback in San Antonio, and so is the resulting need for weed control. Weeds make a yard look less attractive, and they can start to choke out the plants that you want to keep around. They also have a tendency to spread quickly and can be very difficult to remove. Here are some common varieties of weeds to look out for in San Antonio, which can be controlled by the experienced exterminators at Bob Jenkins Pest and Lawn Services.


This San Antonio weed grows during the summer months and is known for its distinctive rosette leaf pattern and its roots. During the first year of growth, the thistle grows from a tuber. The roots of the thistle weed become an actual root system during the second year of growth. During the later years of growth, thistle stems elongate and flowers emerge. Thistle weeds can easily and efficiently take over any place with the proper conditions, and they can be nearly impossible to remove.

Purple Nutsedge

This weed is commonly found in the hotter and more humid parts of the country, like San Antonio. It spreads when its tubers germinate under the ground and can produce thousands of plants per tuber. The leaves of a young purple nutsedge weed look similar to grass, but an adult weed has dark red-purple to brown flowers present. Removing the tubers could help to greatly reduce its propagation. However, if any are left in the ground, the weed will return.


San Antonio, and other places all throughout the country, are plagued by this common weed every summer. It germinates once the frost is past, grows through the summer, and dies when the frost returns. This weed is light green with coarse blades and grows in a clump. The collar of the weed has long, coarse hairs. Keeping lawns well-watered can help the grass stay healthy and fight off weeds. If the lawn has already succumbed to crabgrass, digging up weeds, burning them, or pouring hot water on crabgrass clumps could help kill it off. However, with heavier crabgrass infestations, the help of a professional is likely needed.

Many people attempt to control weeds in San Antonio by digging them up, cutting them down, or spraying them with toxic chemicals. Here at Bob Jenkins Pest and Lawn Services, however, we are dedicated to making safety our first concern by using only the most natural products available.