If you have a levitra pills garden or even a lawn, you know that weeds are a problem all on their own. But did you know that invasive plant species can be just as bad as more common weeds, like crabgrass or dandelions? Whatever the weed, San Antonio pest control company Bob Jenkins Pest & Lawn Services has you covered.

What is an invasive species?

Invasive plant species are sometimes even more insidious than common weeds because many gardeners plant them without awareness of the fact that they are problematic weeds. Essentially, an invasive species is a plant that will survive – and even thrive – outside of its range of origin.

Invasive species are a huge issue because many of them are extremely aggressive in their growth and can take over not only the area surrounding your home but also the natural ecosystem in nearby forests or fields, crowding out native species and sometimes even endangering them.

What are some examples?

One of the worst things you can do with your lawn or garden is to plant some of these invasive species. These include such plants as Purple Loosestrife, which was once a very popular perennial. This plant spreads quickly and sprouts from root fragments, so trying to dig it up will cause an even worse problem and spread its territory wider.

In and around San Antonio, pest control experts have also found issues with plants like Tropical Spiderwort, which competes with appropriate lawn and pasture grasses for sunlight and nutrients and can become a dominant species if you are not careful.

A huge issue in home and commercial landscapes, such as golf courses and playing fields, is Dallisgrass. This pesky grass grows rapidly and produces seeds prolifically. Mowing your lawn won’t help, because you will only end up dispersing the seeds to new places.

What can I do?

The best thing to do is avoid planting an invasive species on your property. However, if you have unwittingly planted an invasive species or find one from a neighbor flowering on your land, there’s no doubt that the right weed control is available for you. If you have a weed problem, there are exterminators in San Antonio here to help. Get in touch with Bob Jenkins Pest & Lawn Services today.