As winter draws nearer, we here at Bob Jenkins Pest and Lawn Services field many questions about what should be done in terms of lawn maintenance during the winter. What very few people realize is that the key to weed control in the springtime is proper lawn maintenance during the winter.

If you are a homeowner concerned about your winter lawn maintenance, consider this advice from our lawn care experts at Bob Jenkins Pest & Lawn Services!

Perform Winter Maintenance for Spring Weed Control

The key to preventing an overgrowth of springtime weeds is to perform the right lawn maintenance before and during winter. Bob Jenkins Pest and Lawn Services can help you lay an appropriate treatment on your lawn before the first batch of freezing weather. Weed control technology has gotten so advanced that you may only need one application to prevent weeds for the whole season.

One of the most important ways to promote a healthy lawn during the winter is to keep it as free from debris as possible. For most people, that means raking up acorns from our Oak Trees in a timely manner. If you allow the acorns to sit on your lawn past the first freeze or snow, you risk your lawn developing mold or mildew. A San Antonio pest control firm would recommend that you rake your lawn several times before the first freeze to ensure that you remove all debris.

Finally, properly aerating your lawn during the winter is one of the best things that you can do for spring weed control. Proper lawn aeration is crucial to ensuring that your lawn grows the way it should and that it gets enough nourishment throughout the cold winter months.

At Bob Jenkins Pest & Lawn Services, we know that you would like your lawn to look its best all year round. For those reasons, we recommend that you take appropriate maintenance steps during the winter months so that you will have a beautiful lawn by the time next spring arrives!

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