Unfortunately, bed bugs are something that exterminators in San Antonio are forced to think about almost constantly. While we would all like it if bed bugs could simply be eradicated, the fact of the matter is that these pests are simply hard to manage. To help everyone better understand the horrors of bed bugs, San Antonio pest control experts have compiled a list of facts you should all know to protect yourself from the scourge of bed bugs.

Exterminators in San Antonio Know About Bed Bugs

When it comes to bed bugs, it is imperative that you arm yourself with the information you need to best fight them. Here are several “fun facts” about bed bugs:

1.    Bed bugs are everywhere.
Although many people believe that bed bugs are only found in hotels or apartments in major urban areas, bed bugs are everywhere. From urban high rises to rural single-family homes, bed bugs can live and feed everywhere, and not just on beds.

2.    Bed bugs can survive most everything.
Some believe that bed bugs will die if they cannot feed for a few days. Unfortunately, bed bugs can live without feeding for months at a time. If you suspect that you have bed bugs, it is imperative that you address the problem immediately. Even if you are only bitten once, bed bugs can live without feeding for quite some time.

3.    Bed bugs are criminal masterminds.
As stated earlier, bed bugs do not only live in beds. In fact, exterminators in San Antonio agree that bed bugs can hide out in picture frames and underneath wallpaper after they are done feeding. During daylight hours, bed bugs go into hiding, only to come out at night when the carbon dioxide in people’s breath draws them out.

4.    Bed bugs do not mean to hurt you.
It is a myth that bed bug bites hurt a lot. In fact, bed bug saliva has a special chemical composition that makes it a relatively painless process. So, if you are wondering whether or not you have bed bugs, you will not be able to rely on looking for painful or itchy bites. Instead, look for bite marks that are clustered together.