Have you noticed brown patches on your lawn, or have your plants and flowers died? Does the lawn feel spongy, or do leaves appear droopy? It might be grub worms!

What are Grub Worms?

Grub worms are the larvae of June beetles, otherwise known as June Bugs. These common lawn pests are approximately ½ inch long and white in color with a brownish head. Grub worms are so common that consumers spend an estimated $100 million each year to control them!

Unlike other pests, grub worms are detrimental to lawns, plants, and flowers. They burrow deep into the soil, hibernating during the winter and appearing once spring arrives. This might make it seem like a spring and summer problem, but, unfortunately, they are present year-round! Grub worms are found in top soil, and they feed on the roots of grass, weeds, and vegetables. Contact a San Antonio pest control expert if you suspect grub worms on your property.

What are Signs of Grub Worms?

There are a number of warnings signifying grub worms. Patches of grass may turn grey or brown; this is a strong indication that lawn pests are present. Plants or flowers may suddenly die, or the lawn may start to feel spongy. These are also signs of a problem.

Tips for Avoiding Grub Worms

There are a number of ways to avoid grub worms or treat a current problem:

  • Determine when June beetles lay their eggs each season.
  • Purchase and utilize nematodes; this product kills young larvae, but not the mature bug. Identify the egg and larvae stage, and apply at the appropriate time.
  • Keep the lawn well-watered so roots damaged by grub worms have the chance to recover.
  • Attract robins and other birds; they won’t damage your lawn, plants, or flowers, and they feed on pesky grub worms.

Hire a San Antonio Pest Control Expert If you observe any of the above problems. Plants need their roots to survive, and grub worms should not be left to feast freely. A pest infestation could also lead to bigger problems, including the attraction of armadillos, gophers, and moles; they eat grub worms, but amplify the damage to your yard.

Contact a San Antonio pest control expert like Bob Jenkins and keep grub worms, animals and other problems at bay!