We all survived the long winter that plagued San Antonio for so many months. Now it is time to enjoy spring in all of its wonders. The sun is shining, birds are chirping, and the kids are out of school – it’s time for summer. But with the celebration of summer also comes uninvited guests, particularly the creepy-crawly kind. Never fear! A San Antonio pest control specialist is here to help remove insects intent on attacking homes and yards throughout the area.

Summer Insects

What types of bugs may be seen running across the living room floor of an unsuspecting homeowner? San Antonio pest control professionals know there are many! While some of these insects are nothing but a harmless annoyance, others can be very dangerous. Exterminators in San Antonio are sharing their top two dangerous insects to watch for.

Fire Ants

These small red ants are well known to many in the San Antonio area. They plague yards and gardens everywhere, building mounds in places we frequent most. Fire ant bites normally occur in clusters and begin with a stinging sensation, eventually leading to a burning white bump on the skin. Small children attacked by multiple fire ants should receive immediate medical attention as their immune systems are seldom adept at filtering the poison fire ants inject. Also, people of all ages may sometimes experience an allergic reaction to these pests. It is important to use caution when a fire ant mound is encountered.

Brown Recluse Spiders

brown-recluseWhile spring cleaning, look underneath furniture and around baseboards. These are prime locations for the brown recluse. These spiders are often hard to identify with the only unique feature being that of a violin-shaped marking found on the spider’s back. Once bitten by the brown recluse, pain is seldom felt. However, a red ring will develop around the bite area and this is a sure indication to seek medical help.

A San Antonio Pest Control Specialist Can Help!

Due to the potential hazard that fire ants and brown recluse spiders can cause, it is best to contact a San Antonio pest control professional at the first sign of these or any other pests. Our professional exterminators will remove these pests using the safest and least invasive method possible, ensuring the safety of your family and the enjoyment of both the spring and summer months to come.