With the fear of the Zika Virus on the rise, one of the fastest-growing segments of the pest control business is the setup of a mosquito misting system. A mosquito misting system is designed to mechanically spray a fine mist of insecticide across the entire area of your yard creating a barrier of safety between your family and mosquitoes and other pests. At Bob Jenkins Pest & Lawn Services, our traditional barrier spray misting system can lower your yard’s mosquito inhabitants by as much as 85%. From outside weddings to backyard barbecues, our mosquito misting system will keep mosquitoes off your guest list.

Mosquito Control

Keeping mosquitoes under control is the responsibility of every homeowner. City officials try to maintain a mosquito control system with regular spraying and water control programs, but it’s ultimately up to the homeowner to maintain mosquito control around their home by ensuring there are no breeding areas. As a society, we create great breeding grounds for mosquitoes with our ditches, retention ponds, water drainage systems, and waste disposal. One of the worst breeding grounds can be found in illegal dumpsites where people like to dump items likely to catch and hold water for long periods of time.

Mosquito Misting System

With a mosquito spraying system, the overall amount of insecticide utilized in mosquito spraying will not be that massive as compared to the area it usually treats. Through the means of mosquito spraying, mosquitoes within the area are eliminated. The mister nozzles break the spray solution down into very fantastic particles (50 microns or less in size) which remain suspended within the air for varying lengths of time. The mosquito spraying system will eliminate adult mosquitoes on contact and will help repel future inhabitants.

With current fogging applications, the native mosquito is considerably reduced for a few days, but with a mosquito spraying system, you are in control of the amount and frequency of the spraying. If you’re planning on entertaining outdoors, your mosquito spraying system can be utilized the day before to eliminate the mosquito population around your home and create a barrier to prevent any unwanted guests at your party.

Bob Jenkins Pest & Lawn Services can provide your home with an effective mosquito barrier with our mosquito spraying system. Call and schedule a free evaluation of your home for a complete mosquito misting system.