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Mosquitoes can reproduce from bird baths, pools, leaky outdoor faucets, air conditioner condensation, holes in trees, watering cans, or rain gutters.  Some mosquitoes will travel long distances for your blood, but most of the ones quenching their thirst on you have hatched on or very near your property.  Americans spend millions of dollars every year to rid our homes of these biting pests – bug bombs, candles, bug zappers, sound devices, yard sprays, social media tips, and other mosquito control products, but they just keep coming back for more of your blood.

The mosquito has been listed as the deadliest creature on the planet, but it’s not the mosquito itself that kills people, but a species of Plasmodium, a microorganism that infects female mosquitoes and causes malaria when introduced to a person’s bloodstream via a mosquito bite. The mosquitoes found in America are not carriers of the microorganism Plasmodium. The mosquito does carry a wide variety of diseases that affect man and animals. The West Nile Virus, Malaria, St. Louis Encephalitis and Dog Heartworms garner the most news, but there are many other diseases carried by the mosquito.

The average person in the US will never come into contact with any of these mosquito-borne diseases, but the saliva of the mosquito will cause some irritation and possibly allergic reactions. The mosquito can probably be ranked as the most annoying insect in America. Most of us have heard the tiny little mosquito buzzing around our ear and a typical backyard BBQ will result in multiple bites from the pesky little creatures. Flies are annoying as well, but we can more easily see them and swat them away. The mosquito is a lot more sneaky. We don’t normally see them as often as we feel the tiny red bumps they leave behind.

Mosquito control is an ongoing battle. We can chase them away from our yards today, but will come back. Bob Jenkins Pest & Lawn Services can help. We have a mosquito control program that will remove the mosquito from your guest list the next time you have an outside BBQ or event or we have a misting system that works on a more permanent basis. Our mosquito misting system provides an effective mosquito control system that will keep mosquitoes away from your home. Our misting system is customized for your home and automated to provide continual mosquito control. The misting system is installed around the perimeter of your home and will automatically spray your yard on an ongoing basis. For more information on our mosquito control misting system, give Bob Jenkins Pest & Lawn Services a call today.

At Bob Jenkins Pest & Lawn Services, our skilled professional mosquito exterminators can help you control these biting predators.  We’ll treat and inspect your yard and make recommendations on how you can rid yourself of these blood sucking beasts.

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