Summers in San Antonio are usually filled with sunshine. The good weather means barbeques, ball games and relaxing or eating meals in your yard. There’s nothing worse than wanting to be out in your yard in the summer but having to come back in due to pesky mosquitoes. They can really spoil your time outside during the summer and also leave us with itchy, red bites and the possibility of picking up a disease such as the Zika Virus from the mosquito.

While there’s no way of eradicating mosquitoes from your yard, there are ways of keeping them away and decreasing their numbers. San Antonio Lawn Care Services can help you to keep the numbers down safely, but there are also a number of things you can do yourself to help the situation. Here are some helpful tips on how to reduce mosquitoes in your yard.

Prune your hedges and trees

Mosquitos like to hide away in the shade when the heat of the day gets too much for them. Pruning your hedges and trees can stop there from getting as much shade, meaning less space for mosquitos to hang out. They can also hide in the shade of long grass, so keep on top of mowing your lawn to further reduce shaded areas.

Get rid of standing water

Mosquitos are attracted to water, as this is where they lay their eggs. Removing stand-still water from your yard could help to stop mosquitoes from reproducing as they cannot reproduce without it. It doesn’t take much water for the mosquitos to lay eggs in, it could be as much as a bottle cap full. Try to empty as many objects as possible that are holding water in them: kids’ toys, buckets, flower pots, and anything else that is holding standing water.

Treating standing water

If you cannot get rid of some standing water because the object holding it is too heavy to move or if you have a small pond, then you can treat the water with products like Mosquito Dunk or a mosquito larvicide.

Fish for your pond

Getting fish such as goldfish for you pond can help to reduce mosquitoes, as the fish will eat the larvae the mosquitos lay.

Mosquito repelling plants

There are a few different types of plants that can repel mosquitos. Citronella plants are the most popular, but lavender, peppermint, basil, marigolds, and catnip can also help to repel mosquitos.

Mosquito misting system

Misting systems have become quite popular for people to have in their yards. They spray out pesticides like a sprinkler sprays out water, to help with mosquito control and can also help with other insect pests. The pesticides you can use with these misting systems vary, so always read the label to ensure you are using it safely and correctly.

You will not get permanent eradication of your mosquito pests, but the misting system helps to get rid of the mosquitos in your yard at the time. No pesticide is 100% risk-free, but using a misting system should not have any impact on you or your family. Be aware though that the pesticides can also kill important insects, for example, honey bees that are crucial to our ecosystem.

When you have a mosquito misting system installed, there are a few points you should take into account to ensure you are using it safely:

  1. Make sure that the nozzle is not directed towards any areas that you eat at or cook in.
  2. Try to avoid letting the spray get into ponds with fish in, or swimming pools.
  3. Don’t have the nozzles pointing towards outside air conditioners as the pesticides could be filtered into your home.
  4. To reduce chemical drift, have your nozzle less than 10ft from the ground.
  5. Don’t use the misting system when anyone is in your yard.
  6. Only use the misting system when the pests in your yard are most active.
  7. Make sure to read about the pesticide you are using so you know all of the precautions.
  8. Regularly inspect the system to ensure there is no damage, malfunctioning or leaks.

Contact a local pest control service if your infestation is large

If you are still swarmed with mosquitos after trying the above tips, then calling in a local exterminator could help you to solve the problem. A San Antonio pest control service could help to reduce the number of mosquitos by exterminating them using different methods.

Bob Jenkins Pest & Lawn Services know exactly what they are doing and will be sure to take any safety precautions needed when it comes to mosquito control. If you are going to call in a professional exterminator, then make sure to do it well in advance of any parties you may be hosting in your garden. A mosquito control expert won’t just come out and spray the mosquitos for you straight away; they will first come and assess your mosquito problem then decide whether to spray.