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Most people assume scorpions are insects. Scorpions are annoying little pests, but they are not insects.  Scorpions are arthropods that belong to the same class as ticks, mites and spiders (arachnida) and are plentiful in much of the southern and southwestern United States. The body of the striped bark scorpion, Centruoides vittatus, the species usually found in San Antonio area homes, varies from yellowish to tan. There are usually two broad dark bands on the upper surface of its abdomen but it can be only faintly marked or completely pale.

Not considered lethal, the sting can be very painful with localized swelling and itching that may last from several minutes to several days. It can cause a variety of reactions in the elderly and young and can be dangerous for people who are allergic to the venom.

Most scorpions are active at night. During the day they hide under boards, rocks and rubbish. Mulch is also a favorite harborage area. In houses, they are most often found in undisturbed areas such as closets, shoes, bedding and folded clothes. But scorpions can be found almost anywhere. They can be found in old books, or stacks of paperwork on your desk. Almost anywhere that provides them a safe hiding place during the day. If you think you have scorpions, it’s important to check your clothing before dressing. Also check your shoes before putting them on.

Having the ability to flatten their bodies as well as being prolific climbers, scorpions can easily enter your home through weepholes, cracks and crevices, exterior doorways and even your attic. Once they are on your property they are almost impossible to keep out of your home without professional help. Having other insects in your home could also attract scorpions. They eat small arthropods and insects, even other species of scorpions, but their favorite meal is spiders. They can consume huge amounts of food at one feeding which enables them to survive as long as 6 to 12 months without food.

Scorpion Control in San Antonio

Bob Jenkins Pest & Lawn Services has been providing scorpion control in San Antonio since 1985. That is three decades of scorpion control experience. When your home has scorpions, call the experts at Bob Jenkins Pest & Lawn Services to rid youself of these stinging pests.

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