Termites and carpenter ants – knowing that either of these pests might be in your home is enough to send property owners straight to the phone for help from professional exterminators in San Antonio. But how do you tell the difference?

Knowing whether you need to call for carpenter ant or termite control can be tricky. Both pests have wings, and burrow into the wooden structures in your home. And both of these pests cause hundreds of millions of dollars every year in damage to properties. Luckily, if you know the key differences between these two pests, it’s easy to figure out which one you’re dealing with – or rather, which one San Antonio Pest Control is going to deal with!

Are they carpenter ants?

It can be a little tough to tell the difference because these pests, just like termites, have four wings. But carpenter ants look like, well, ants. Their bodies are clearly segmented, and they have bent antennae.

What does carpenter ant damage look like? Well, unlike termites, carpenter ants are pretty tidy – so while they destroy your home’s wooden structures, at least they think they’ll look good doing it. Carpenter ant galleries are clean and neat. This is because carpenter ants don’t eat wood like termites do – they just live in it. Carpenter ants will pack the sawdust and dead insect parts, a mixture called “frass,” away from their burrowing tunnels or dump it out into piles – a telltale sign that you’ve got carpenter ants in your home.

Are they termites?

If you are going to call in for home termite treatment, it’s useful to know the physical differences between termites and carpenter ants. Termites don’t have a “waist” – that is, their body segments aren’t separated like those of ants. 

As far as the damage goes, termites in your home are a much more severe problem, so you’ll want to call in for termite control right away. Termites will eat through wood like nobody’s business, and always from the inside out. Figure out if you have termite damage by looking for mud tubes outside the wood or small holes in your drywall or plaster.

Well, now what?


Okay, so you’ve figured out which kind of pests you have in your home. If you have an infestation, professional exterminators in San Antonio can help. Give San Antonio Pest Control a call today for carpenter ant or termite control in your home.