According to expert exterminators in San Antonio, one not-so-fun fact about bed bugs is that they are not attracted to dirt. This means that, yes, even the most upscale hotels can be host to these unwanted pests. Bed bugs are commonly referred to as “hitchhikers” – meaning that even if you are unaware that they have attached themselves to your luggage, they are coming along for the ride.

If you are traveling, there are a number of measures San Antonio pest control professionals advise you to take to prevent bed bugs from following you back home.

1.    Check up on your hotel, hostel, or dorm room before you get there. If you’re staying in an unfamiliar city, then you should definitely do your research first. Many hotels are listed on bed bug registries and if you spot something suspicious, it’s always worth a phone call. Hotels often take their bed bug prevention strategies very seriously, which means that they can tell you what kind of mattress encasements or laundry services they are using as preventative methods.
2.    Check your room when you arrive. If an infestation is severe, you may be able to see the bugs themselves in drawers, clustered in the mattress, in the sheets, or near the bed.
3.    Store your suitcases away from the bed. The best place for your luggage when traveling, if there is enough space, is in the bathroom. Bed bugs don’t travel far from their food source or host, so if they have situated themselves in the bed, they will be much less likely to find themselves coming home with you in your suitcase.
4.    Wash your clothes when you get home. When you wash your clothing upon arriving back at home, use hot water. Vacuum the insides of your suitcases for an extra preventative measure.

If you have taken all of these measures when traveling, whether to Mexico, New York, or somewhere else entirely, and you still find yourself coming home with bed bugs, then it’s time to call the expert exterminators in San AntonioBob Jenkins Pest & Lawn Services. San Antonio pest control can definitely ensure that any bed bug problem that you have brought home with you will be eradicated as soon as possible.