At Bob Jenkins Pest and Lawn Services, we know the rebirth of plants is not the only thing that homeowners have coming to them in the spring season. Unfortunately, spring is also the time when San Antonio becomes plagued with spiders, fleas, ticks, and scorpions. Even rodents start making their rounds this time of year. While most people look forward to their yards looking lively and beautiful with new flowers, the return of pests is never welcome in the yard or home.

The professionals with Bob Jenkins Pest and Lawn Services take pest control very seriously. A pest infestation is not something to take lightly – it can be embarrassing, harmful, and unhealthy for your home or business.

The first place to eliminate pests is within a building. Buildings should first be inspected for damage, and the surrounding area should be inspected for tell-tale signs of pest infestation. All possible points of entry for a pest, such as cracks, must be addressed. It is important to make any repairs necessary to ensure that the pests don’t enter buildings. This includes replacing weather stripping, shingles, sealing holes or cracks, and making sure that all garages and basements are ventilated and dry.

But even if your home or business is secure from pests, the yard is still immensely vulnerable. Pests can do considerable damage outdoors when left to their own devices and have a tendency to make an outdoor space much less enjoyable for everyone. Outdoor areas also shouldn’t be neglected in pest control treatment as their maintenance can help curb indoor pest issues.

No matter where pests are found, indoors or outdoors, take action to eliminate them as quickly as possible.  Bob Jenkins Pest and Lawn Services have over twenty years of experience in the field of pest control in San Antonio, and will eliminate unwanted pests safely, efficiently, and economically. By keeping an eye out for invading pests, you can do a lot to keep your yard and home protected. But if you need help with pest control, Bob Jenkins Pest and Lawn Services are available to answer any questions and eliminate unwanted pests.