A yard or other outdoor area is only truly enjoyable if it can be experienced without the fear of creepy crawlies invading. Even more alarming is the fact that outdoor pests can quickly become indoor nuisances. At Bob Jenkins Pest & Lawn Services, our San Antonio pest control experts are dedicated to making any outdoor space more pleasant with our environmentally friendly, all-natural pest control products. Our exterminators are here to help you take back your lawns and outdoor areas from common outdoor pests, such as:

•    grub worms
•    fire ants
•    flies
•    spider mites
•    aphids
•    mosquitoes

These various pests can be an extreme nuisance, afflicting your pets, your plants, your children, and any visitors. Our skilled exterminators in San Antonio are knowledgeable and experienced in handling these pests, using treatments made with only safe, botanical ingredients.

Outdoor pests are not limited to insects and arachnids, however, and any comprehensive pest control services must be versatile. Our exterminators also offer the following services:

Brown patch control – A fungus that grows in the high humidity of San Antonio, brown patch can occur in all types of turf, though some types are more susceptible than others. Brown patch fungus attacks the tissue at the base of the grass leaf and creates brown areas throughout the lawn. Our exterminators in San Antonio solve the problem by applying a natural fungicide. Homeowners can help prevent the brown patch from returning with proper watering and fertilizers.

Grey leaf spot control – This spotty disease occurs in early summer and affects St. Augustine grass. It starts as a series of brown lesions all over the blades and progresses to grey oblong spots as the disease matures. Entire yards can be affected and cause a lawn to appear as though it is suffering from severe drought. It tends to happen during levels of high heat and intense humidity.

When it comes to San Antonio pest control and lawn care, we are determined to ensure that our customers receive quality service. We use only the best treatments for pest control and the safest possible products. Our family of San Antonio exterminators is here to help our customers take control of their outdoor areas once again.