Sometimes referred to as “Tawny crazy ants” or “Raspberry crazy ants,” these ants are larger than regular fire ants and feature reddish-brown hair coating their bodies. Crazy ants have become a nuisance throughout the Southeastern United States, especially in Texas. In San Antonio, residents and businesses are experiencing a rise in crazy ant infestation in the form of dense swarms that take over living and workspaces. If you are trying to identify the ants infesting your home, see our San Antonio Bug Guide.

How Crazy Ants Got Their Name

When discovered, crazy ants were easily spotted because their movements are unpredictable. Unlike other species of ants, crazy ants don’t move in a way that makes sense as there was no discernable pattern in their movements. Because of their erratic and nonlinear behavior, crazy ants were given their name.

Crazy Ants in San Antonio Run Rampant

Crazy ants move and gather in densely-populated swarms, causing costly problems for homeowners and business owners in San Antonio and surrounding areas. Listed here are just a few reasons why crazy ant infestations need immediate attention from experienced exterminators in San Antonio.

Hitching a ride in your belongings. Crazy ants are unable to fly. Therefore, in addition to moving in swarms, they congregate in objects (your belongings) to get from one place to another. Although their sting isn’t like that of a fire ant, crazy ants are not fun to discover lurking in your shoes, clothing, or purse.

Gathering near sources of electricity. Crazy ants in San Antonio like to gather near sources of electricity, which include electrical boxes, wires, and objects that produce heat. Because this is their preferred nesting area, overheating and electrical shortages are a common result of crazy ant infestation.

Destroy property. Crazy ants are omnivores, meaning their appetite can include everything from walls and insulation to plants and other insects. When crazy ants invade property, significant destruction can occur rapidly without immediate attention from a trained exterminator.

Controlling Crazy Ants in San Antonio

Unlike fire ants and other ant species, crazy ants do not respond to traditional pest control measures including ant baits and over-the-counter pesticides. Controlling crazy ants often requires specific pesticides and regular professional pest control services. In order to prevent damage to your property and costly repairs, you must contact a trained pest control professional as soon as possible.

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