Testimonials for Jenkins Pest and Lawn Services of San Antonio, TX

“I used Bob Jenkins at my old house, and I transferred my service to my new house since I moved. The office staff is very pleasant and very good about reminding me that I need to schedule my quarterly service, and both of the men who have done our treatments are very knowledgeable, professional, and efficient.”
Caelan Ford

“Came out for preventative maintenance of general creepy bugs I don’t want finding their way into my house. Also checked to see if I had carpenter ants like I suspected I might, sprayed for the ants to kill them, removed a dead bird and told me about my options, pricing, etc for future services and termite spraying which I had asked about. I think it went pretty well. I had called after hours to ask questions and schedule a possible appointment but they were quick to follow up and answer all my questions. When I scheduled my appointment, they were very flexible with my work schedule. During my appointment, he was on time, EXTREMELY knowledgeable about all kinds of bugs and the cause and effect of why have them and how we can prevent it. He was very thorough and explained what he was doing and what to expect in great detail. He was also very careful with my things and had a great attitude!”
Judy Cadena

“I had heard a squirrel or something in the wall of my house. It seemed to be stuck in the surround of an old fireplace. I called Bob Jenkins and they were able to squeeze me in their schedule at the last minute.”
Jason Felty

“Excellent. Professional. When I called to make the appointment, I said that it would be necessary for the workman to go on the roof to examine the chimney. They brought the appropriate size ladder to complete the work. The entire job took 1 hour, 30 minutes. The day before the work was scheduled, the office called to confirm.”
Ruth Prokop

“A representative came and set baited traps, pointed our possible places the rodents were getting into the house and recommended how the holes and creivices could be fixed.Within two weeks the animals were gone, or dead. We sealed the holes and crevices, and they removed the traps.All went easily and smoothy. The only downside was that at least one rat died in the wall. The smell was pretty bad for a few weeks. Sadly, there is no way to predict whether the animal will die inside or outside the house.Overall the service was great. They followed up and made further recommendations about how to keep the rodents away from the house.”

“Thanks for everything!”

Holly Goeckler

“We just had purchased our house and I wanted a termite inspection. They came out to provide this for us.They found carpenter ants and some holes in our roof where animals could get in. He did a quiet comprehensive evaluation and covered up all the spots so the critters couldn’t get in the roof. I told him we were going to have a shower put in and he told me to call him before they finished up so he could come out and spray it right away so we wouldn’t have termites in our shower. We will continue to use them.”
Ruth Prokop

“The experience went very well. Both the receptionist and service representative in the office were very helpful. They were able to respond the same day, and even called me when there was an opening available for them to come earlier. The service rep was right on time for both visits. Very helpful. Also, he initially said that since I had both outside/inside services, the price would be $50 more than what was quoted, but when he contacted his office, the agreed to honor the original quote (unsolicited!). Also, while they offer many other services in addition to the service i was using, the rep was very helpful in explaining the options, only when asked and did not try to “peddle” additional services.”
Susan Staff