6 Ways to Keep Your
Lawn and Garden Perfect

Your yard is the first thing people will see when they walk past your home or come by for a visit. The last thing you want is for people to see a muddy, dying lawn that is covered in weed, along with overgrown trees and shrubbery. You don’t just want people to feel comfortable approaching your home; you want them to be impressed by your well-kept yard and luscious green lawn. In order to achieve this, you need to make sure that you maintain your garden all year round.

Of course, most people don’t know the first thing about how to properly maintain their lawn and garden. While you may have the good habit of regularly mowing your lawn, there is a lot more than goes into it. You need to consider things such as the type of grass that grows on your lawn, when best to fertilize it, how to control weeds and pests, and when to call in professionals to undertake lawn aeration. We take a look at six ways you can keep your lawn and garden looking green and healthy.

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Lawns are usually the main part of a homeowner’s yard. To maintain it, you can use seeds on any patches that are dying, muddy or just aren’t growing very well. Make sure to use the right seeds, as different types will grow better in certain surroundings.

Use a local San Antonio lawn care services if you are unsure of what seeds to use. They will have more knowledge of what seeds will work best as part of their profession is to know this stuff.

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You won’t get instant results off planting these seeds, as they will take a few months to come through. You may also find that areas of your lawn that are in the shadows could take longer to grow.

If your entire yard needs a revamp, sod is a much faster alternative to waiting for seeds to grow. It is a lot more expensive to purchase and have installed, but it is worth it to get that instant perfect lawn.

When it comes to watering your lawn, you need to find the perfect balance. Too much water and the roots will be deep but sparse or too little water, and the roots will be dense but not deep. Set a timer for a sprinkler to come on early in the morning, as less water will be evaporated when the air is cooler and the sun has not yet risen. The water will be able to soak deep down into the soil, giving water to all the roots. Avoid watering your lawn at night as there will be too much moisture and it could potentially cause diseases for your lawn.

Make sure to mow your lawn and keep your blade sharp, so it doesn’t chew up your lawn or damage it. If you are going to cut the lawn yourself, invest in a good quality mower that suits the size of your yard and also suits you. Remember, though, cutting your grass too short can compromise its root development. You could employ a professional who will come routinely when your lawn is due a cut.

Weed Control

Unfortunately, sometimes weeds like to make themselves at home in your lawn. They are natural things that cannot be completely eradicated, but they can be prevented or taken care of. You can dilute vinegar with some water and spray this onto the weeds; this is less harsh than some weed killers.

If your weeds just aren’t going away, no matter how much love you are putting into your garden, it might be time to call in the professionals. They may use a harsh weed killer, but they will be more direct with it, only using it on the weeds and not damaging the surrounding lawn and plants.


Fertilizing your lawn and plants is very beneficial. There are different types of grasses, and they will benefit the most from fertilization in different seasons. If you’d like to do this yourself, here are the most common types of grasses:

Warm season grasses:
– Bahia
– Zoysia
– Hybrid Bermuda
– Common Bermuda
– Centipede

Cold season grasses:
– Tall Fescue
– Fine Fescue
– Bluegrass
– Perennial Ryegrass

Using a lawn service is best as we can determine what type of grass you have and what season is best for fertilization. Our lawn care professionals know exactly what to do and will be aware of any precautions that need to be taken or guidelines that need to be followed.

Tree and Shrub Care

Tree and shrub care are just as important as lawn care. Pruning is something you can do yourself, but if you are in a high tree it can be dangerous. If you use an expert, they will have all the correct equipment and will be able to carry out the task safely.
Your trees and shrubs also need fertilizing and their soil cared for to help promote healthy growth and to give them essential nutrients. Insect and disease management are offered by a lot of professional companies. These services will detect if there are any pest infestations that could potentially cause damage to your trees.

Lawn Aeration

Your lawn will become compacted and hard during cold season and this compaction will actually prevent vital nutrients from reaching the lawn’s root system. To prepare your winter lawn for spring, you should aerate your lawn and allow water to move those nutrients down to the roots. This is something you will want to call in a professional for, as they will have all the correct tools and knowledge so your lawn will be prepared for the spring in no time.

There are many benefits to lawn aeration, including:

• A healthier lawn
• Enhanced root growth
• Fertilizers effects are improved
• Less compaction

This is only an annual task, so it shouldn’t be skipped. It’s worth it to help maintain a healthy lawn.

Yard Pests

If your yard gets little pests like slugs that eat away at your greenery and plants, a San Antonio Pest Control service could help to exterminate your problem. Getting this under control sooner rather than later is recommended in order to avoid unnecessary damage to your lawn.

Taking care of a lawn is a big task, and not everyone has the time or necessary skills to undertake the job. Hiring San Antonio Lawn Care Services would help to ensure that your lawn is kept looking nice and healthy.

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