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bumble beeHoney bees are social insects found all over the world. They are an extremely important beneficial insect because of their role in pollination and are not an insect that can be exterminated except under certain circumstances. Most of the time, honeybees will have to be removed and should only be removed by a pest control expert or beekeeper. Honeybees are responsible for pollinating more that 100 crops in the U.S. They are active pollinators, and produce honey which feeds their young in colder months. Honeybees produce honey from pollen and nectar of the plants they pollinate. They store their honey in honeycombs and they often build their nests in tree crevices. The honeybee is the only social insect whose colony can survive many years. Honey bees can sting, but only once. The sting can be very painful if the stinger is not removed immediately.

Bumble Bees

bumble beeBumble bees are also responsible for pollinating our crops. Bumble Bees are often misidentified as a carpenter bee. The Bumble Bee is a big, hairy, black and yellow bee about 1 inch while the Carpenter Bees have a shiny, smooth underbelly. The problem is getting close enough to see the underbelly without being stung. Bumble Bees are aggressive bees with the ability to sting multiple times. Bumble bees often nest in the ground, but can be found above ground around patio areas or decks. They will sometimes build their nest in soffits of attics and they will aggressively defend that home. Often chasing nest invaders for considerable distances and delivers one of the most powerful stings. Bumble bees pollinate plants and flowers, so their activity in your garden is desirable. Just don’t let them nest in areas where children and pests frequent. Dogs are all too often on the receiving end of the Bumble Bees sting. If you have a nest of Bumble Bees in your yard, it is advisable to seek the help of a professional pest control expert and homeowners are advised to not address the infestation themselves.

Bee Control Experts

We’ve all seen the Bee Dance.  Someone sees the flying menace and next thing you know, they break out the Bee Dance. Here in San Antonio, wasps love building their nests underneath our eves or somewhere near our doors or play areas. Killing Bees in the wild is a crime in the State of Texas, but if bees are nesting inside a wall or tree on your property they are considered a pest and they can bee exterminated! If the bee’s have made it inside your home or onto your property, then extermination is most likely the only thing you can do. The bee’s will not leave on their own.

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Bees are an important component of our food supply, but they carry a mean stinger.


The Fire Ant and many other varieties of ants will sting to protect their colonies.


Wasps and Hornets will aggressively defend their homes by delivering a powerful sting.


Scorpions look a lot meaner than they actually are, but carry a powerful stinger in their tail.

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