3 Ways To (Unwittingly!) Attract Termites

As San Antonio’s pest control experts, Bob Jenkins Pest and Lawn Services usually gets calls after termites have been discovered. Often in addition to the infestation, a considerable amount of damage has been done. Though we’re always ready to assist you with termite treatment, we believe the most effective prevention is to know what not to do to attract termites. Termites, like any other species, tend to inhabit places that provide food, shelter, and overall conditions of comfort. Here are the 3 most common ways termites are attracted to your home. Eliminating these environments can greatly increase your chances of staying bug-free.

At home, any wood product is going to attract termites, as this is their food source. This includes cardboard boxes, wood mulch, tree stumps, and more. Piling firewood against the house is a common mistake, and can often lead to home infestation. If building your own home or storage shed, it is essential that you keep the structure’s wood features from touching the soil.

Termites need moisture to live. The water provides nourishment and is used to moisten dirt to build underground tunnels. While they are a popular decorative feature of many houses, plants can greatly increase the moisture of the soil around your home. This creates the ideal environment for a termite to build a tunnel. Eliminating plants and building drains will keep your soil termite-free.

Sealing up any cracks in the foundation of your home can prevent any unwelcome guests from paying you a visit. Often cracks release warm air that is irresistible to termites in the winter months. They can fit through the smallest of cracks, so making sure your house is as structurally-sound as possible will be worth your time and effort.

Though following these steps can contribute to keeping your house and lawn free of unwanted pests, calling Bob Jenkins Pest and Lawn Services is your best bet. Having bugs invade your space is an uncomfortable experience. As the go-to exterminators in San Antonio, we offer unmatched expertise that will rid your home of termites for good. Our team of specialists is on hand ready to use years of experience and the best technology in termite control to eradicate your problem once and for all. Bob Jenkins' Pest Control also provides relief from bed bugs and the best in San Antonio pest control; we also provide weed control for those pesky unwanted plants.

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