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Summer Weed Control in San Antonio

With the end of winter in sight, weeds are making a comeback in San Antonio, and so is the resulting need for weed control. Weeds make a yard look less attractive, and they can start to choke out the plants that you want to keep around. They also have a tendency to spread quickly and [...]

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The Best All Natural Remedies for Fire Ants

If you've ever felt the sting of a fire ant, you know they're more than just pesky little pests. The residual pain from a fire ant sting can last for weeks. But unless you're in the business of pest control, like Bob Jenkins Pest and Lawn Services, eliminating them isn't always such a simple task. [...]

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Pest Control for Spring in San Antonio

At Bob Jenkins Pest and Lawn Services, we know the rebirth of plants is not the only thing that homeowners have coming to them in the spring season. Unfortunately, spring is also the time when San Antonio becomes plagued with spiders, fleas, ticks, and scorpions. Even rodents start making their rounds this time of year. [...]

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Outdoor Pest Control for Homes and Businesses in San Antonio

A yard or other outdoor area is only truly enjoyable if it can be experienced without the fear of creepy crawlies invading. Even more alarming is the fact that outdoor pests can quickly become indoor nuisances. At Bob Jenkins Pest & Lawn Services, our San Antonio pest control experts are dedicated to making any outdoor [...]

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3 Facts about Live Animal Trapping

Every now and then, creatures larger than an insect can make their way into your home or business. From rodents and raccoons to skunks and snakes, certain uninvited guests are just never welcome on your property. Live animal trapping, conducted by experienced San Antonio pest control professionals, allows the safe removal of animals from any [...]

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How to Tell if Crazy Ants Are Invading Your Property

Sometimes referred to as “Tawny crazy ants” or “Raspberry crazy ants,” these ants are larger than regular fire ants and feature reddish-brown hair coating their bodies. Crazy ants have become a nuisance throughout the Southeastern United States, especially in Texas. In San Antonio, residents and businesses are experiencing a rise in crazy ant infestation in [...]

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Bed Bug Know How

Bob Jenkins Pest and Lawn Services and other San Antonio Pest Control companies throughout the region, often face a barrage of questions and concerns at the start of each new season. The fact of the matter is that the changing of the seasons means that you may see a different batch of creepy crawly critters [...]

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Preparing for Winter Lawn Maintenance

As winter draws nearer, we here at Bob Jenkins Pest and Lawn Services field many questions about what should be done in terms of lawn maintenance during the winter. What very few people realize is that the key to weed control in the spring time is proper lawn maintenance during the winter. If you are [...]

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